Who Is Pieter Barend Swart?

Pieter Swart RPL Itakane Training
Cheating Bilker Pieter Swart – RPL & Itakane Assessment Centre

Pieter Barend Swart of RPL & Itakane Assessment Centre is a deadbeat who doesn’t pay money or honour debts.

He betrays trust, consistently taking advantage of the generosity or obliviousness of others… easily described as a:

  • Deadbeat – one who persistently fails to pay personal debts or expenses
  • Bilker – a cheat who evades payment
  • Charlatan / Shyster – a person practicing deception in order to obtain advantages via some form of pretense or deception
  • Cheat – a dishonest person who uses deceptive means to cheat others out of something of value

Pieter Barend Swart is the current deceitful Managing Director of RPL & Itakane Assessment Centre (RPL Assessment Centre (Pty) Ltd. 2009/010174/07 and Itakane Trading 156 (Pty) Ltd. 2007/005554/07), and director of several other companies.

Directors Pieter Swart & Amanda Marinus of RPL Itakane Assessment Centre
Directors Pieter Swart & Amanda Marinus – RPL Itakane Assessment Centre

The companies have included past and present Directors – Maria (Marlene) Magdalena Roberts and Amanda Alettza Susanna Marinus