Breach of Contract Awarded Against RPL

The findings of the CCMA had been awarded to the effect that Pieter Swart pay the claimant an amount of R105 700 with interest from July 2014. Pieter Swart had appeared at the hearing without any supporting documents or defense. 

Pieter Swart had arrived at the CCMA hearing with just a pencil and a can of Creme Soda. In his personal capacity, an application was later lodged by him to have the award reviewed and set aside. He made no further steps to further the review application and let it stagnate.

The ruling was reneged on and an application made to the Labour Court for it to be made an order of the court.  The CCMA Award was made an order of the Labour Court.

When the Sheriff tried to execute the court order Pieter Swart declared that he had no movable property. Despite his statement making it clear that he does not distinguish himself separate from either RPL Assessment Centre or Itakane Trading 156. The claim is yet to be settled.

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  1. I had registered with RPL in 2016. They bever contacted me to explain the study guides nor workshop. They did not give me a due date to submitt the portfolio.
    My agency booked me in for logbook training and now i have completed my NQF4 myself , RPL now wants me to pay R2000 to re register me before they can accept my portfolio.
    Is this legal if they did not give me a due date gor submitting my portfolio. ?
    My husband also paid R1000 in error into RPL’s bank account in 2016. My husband sent numerous emails to Marlene. She always said that she gave Mr Swart the details but did not know why he did not refund us. Even in 2020 I cannot get him to refund us this R1000?

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